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When Should I Start Talking to My Teen About Sex?

While it may be difficult to talk to your teens about sexual issues, if your teen is like most teens, he or she WANTS to talk to you. Your opinions and advice matter! You are the biggest influence on your teen’s choices.

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What Can I Do About Internet Influence?

Familiarize yourself with the internet and internet technology. Place the computer in an area that will make monitoring easy.Review the addresses of your child’s old email, bookmarks, and online history. Know your child’s password and screen name.

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There’s Sex-Ed at School. Do I Still Need to Be Involved?

As a parent, it is important to be involved in your teen’s education and make sure that they are learning the values and goals that you believe in. Talk to your teen about what they are learning in school, and let them know what you think. In addition to learning in sex ed. and health classes, teens will learn about sex from other teens at school. Studies have also shown that the second highest influence for teens, after their parents, is their friends. Make it a point to know your teen’s friends and their families.