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Our Programs

Peer Educator Leadership Program

Free to Be’s Peer Educator Leadership Program has the power to significantly influence teens in a very positive way through the use of peer-to-peer education. It has been shown that peer educators have a level of trust and comfort with their peers that allows for more open discussions.

Not only is this message more readily received through peer-to-peer education, but the Peer Educators themselves are empowered and supported to make healthy decisions and become positive role models to their peers.

Peer education leadership programs have been found to offer many benefits to adolescent peer leaders. Benefits gained from the program are often sustained and enhanced over time and the skills developed will be used for a lifetime. Our peer educators have reported an increased level of confidence, college and job readiness, and comfort with public speaking.

Classroom Presentations

5th and 6th Grade

My Life is a collection of curricula designed to address several aspects of social- emotional development in youth. My Life for 5th and 6th grade includes four interactive lessons, in-class worksheets, and take-home worksheets to complete with a parent, guardian or a trusted adult. The My Life lessons empower youth with knowledge, tools, motivation and support to build positive self-esteem, develop healthy relationships, respond appropriately and safely to bullying, make well-thought out decisions, respond to peer pressure, and navigate social media carefully.

7th – 12th Grade

A series of character-based curricula that explores self-confidence, building healthy relationships, and navigating social media. We discuss healthy ways to cope with stress and how to identify emotional health warning signs in yourself and friends. We share peer pressure refusal strategies to address common pressures our youth are facing related to substance and prescription drug abuse, as well as vaping.

Parent Resources & Presentations

Equips parents with relevant up-to-date information, current media trends, and provides resources and tools to help them navigate the turbulent waters of parenting today’s youth.